Web hosting

On the web, every websites are stored on specific computers called “servers“. Those computers are usually very powerful and are always turned on. They contain all the websites and deliver them to internet users asking for them, 24/7. A server does not have a screen because it works by itself without requiring any help.


Host’s role

The host is a company in charge of managing server bays. It ensures the proper servers operation days and nights. Indeed, if one of them breaks down, all websites of this server become unavailable. Those bays are situated in specific places known as data centres. Data centres are like servers warehouses and their access is secured. In theory, you can host a website on your own computer. However, it is complex, a good knowledge is required, your computer needs to be powerful and able to run 24/7 but mostly with strong broadband. Private individuals usually do not have enough power to host website, while data centres have fibre optic. That is why most of the time, individuals and companies call for a web host, a service provided by Pimclick.


Find a host

Hosts, contrarily to domain name registrars, are in numbers and of any types and all prices. There is a certain vocabulary you will need to know to not get lost in the offers on the market:
– Shared hosting: your website is placed on server managing other websites at the same time, a hundred or more. This is the less expensive offer and the easiest if you just start your creating your website.
– Virtualised hosting: the server manage only a few websites, no more than ten. This offer is usually for website that are not able to stay on a shared hosting anymore because of their trafic getting higher but that do not have enough budget to be place on a dedicated hosting.
– Dedicated hosting: this offer is the best in quality terms. The server manages only your website and no other. However it has a cost and you better acquire knowledge in the field to remotely administer the server.
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