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Chatuchak MRT station is just about 30 mins away from Mo Chit BTS station and 45 mins to Don Mung International Airport. Chatuchak Park is well-known for the biggest oasis in Bangkok city with a lot of flora and fauna. In one park, there is 3 parks combinated together, Wachirabenchathat Park, Chatuchak Park, and Queen Sirikit Park. Chatuchak Market is the largest open-air market in South East Asia with over 10,000 vendors, you can buy-- dresses, artisan crafts, exotic pets, piles of beads and jewelry.
Pimclick is the leading web agency
Pimclick is the leading web agency and online marketing agency based in Bangkok, Thailand. We have helped a wide range of brands, from retailers to industrial bands, performing high-level quality to ensure the business growth with world-class standards. We provide detailed consulting to make your business profitable and help your brand grow in the competitive market.
Meet our web agency in Chatuchak Park
PIMCLICK Meet our web agency in Chatuchak Park
Chatuchak MRT station, one of the crowed stations, is next to Chatuchak Weekend Market or J.J. Market and is linked to Mo Chit BTS station. Chatuchak Market is the biggest weekend market in Thailand, each weekend more than 80,000 visitors come here. Mo Chit Bus Terminal is less than 2 km away from Chatuchak MRT station which is the starting point for many travelers to other parts of Thailand.
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Pimclick is a professional web agency which provides online business solutions about website design and development, SEO, graphics design and IT consulting but also about marketing strategy. Pimclick's expert will look at your project from the begining to the end. Our experts create presonalyze websites according to your goal in order to get the best result as possible.
Pimclick is a top premium online agency
Pimclick is a leading web agency in Bangkok, Thailand. Pimclick's team specializes in website design, e-shop website creation, branding, mobile apps and digital marketing to help your brand grow in competitive markets. Our works are attractive and creative but we also attentive to your need and give you personalized advices.
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