Understanding AI Capabilities in today’s world

Understanding AI Capabilities in today’s world

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for quite some time now and a lot of business are finding ways to incorporate it onto their business functions. It is still known to be a lack of familiarity due to its complexity and intricacy, though it is important to understand the concept of AI being a technology that is transforming every walk of life. AI as a tool, allows people to think about how to integrate information, analyze data, and use resulting insights to improve decision making. 

Looking at AI today, it has become more popular thanks to increased data volumes, advanced algorithms, and improvements in computing power and storage. AI has paved the way for automation as we see in computers today with improved decision support systems and search systems that can be modified in several ways today.

So why is artificial intelligence exactly important right now? 

Well, firstly, AI understands how to automate any repetitive learning and discovery through data collection. In a lot of business, there are still a lot of manual tasks to be done. However, with the help of AI, tasks such as computerized tasks can be performed frequently at a high-volume rate. These tasks are also done reliably and without fatigue as a human would normally experience. Though we still cannot neglect human help as we are still essential in setting up the system and being able to ask the right questions.

Secondly, and without a doubt, AI can achieve incredibly accuracy through neural networks. With the introduction of Siri and Apple, they can achieve deep learning through your interactions with them. These products, whether it’d be Siri or Alexa (Google), will continue to evolve and become more accurate as you continue to use them. If we look closely into a specific industry like the medical field, through deep learning and object recognition, AI will be able to pinpoint diseases or cancer just by looking at medical images with improved accuracy. Examples like these displays how the future can change with the improvement of technology.

Lastly, AI gets the most out of the data. Just like every technology or anything through the web lies multiple algorithms. As algorithms go through self-learning, the data itself becomes an asset. In many cases, all the answers will be within the data, you just have to apply the AI tool to find them. Since the role of data is more important than ever, this creates a competitive advantage within businesses. Thus, the business with the best data wins as everyone applies similar techniques.

Knowing the importance of AI and understanding AI’s major capabilities are somewhat in the branch of discussion. Again, machine learning can sometimes be a powerful thing that does all kinds to functions and businesses. However, to understand this, you would have to break down key features and capabilities to utilize AI in the right way. 

Several capabilities that AI have as of now are:

  • Personalization and profiling

Personalization and profiling systems is something that machines are being used for to understand a person as an individual. This includes what actions they do or the choices they make. We can see big changes being made in today’s world for personalization and profiling. For example, if you’re listening to a song in Spotify, you’re immediately recommended with other songs that is catered to your liking, this is your personalization system. This is the same when you’re on Instagram viewing a certain video and liking the video. The AI will be able to understand the videos that is similar to what you like and will show you more videos.

  • Object identification

Object identification systems is something that machines use to recognize things in the real world today. They can either work for media like images, video, audio, or a combination of all of them. An example that can be applied to the world today are self-driving cars popularly known by Tesla. They can detect obstacles that may cause accidents to prevent road accidents. This is one of the biggest uses of AI and machine learning.

  • Goal achievement

This is rather a big one too which can be applied to bigger functions of businesses, but machine learning can understand and learn an environment and provide feedback based on it. AI’s algorithm will try its best to maximize rewards and seek out ways to solve issues. The gaming industry can attest for the improvement AI as they have proven that humans cannot think as quick as bots themselves. 

As AI continues to improve, businesses should start understanding them on a deeper level to be able to maximize work flow and efficiency as this is something that is being implemented in every department of a businesses.

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