The revolution of voice assistants on e-commerce

The revolution of voice assistants on e-commerce

In the last few years, assistants have experienced a boom in our daily lives. This technology allows Internet access without a computer or telephone. According to Comscore, by 2021, 50% of Internet requests will be voice.

Voice recognition on the Internet is used mainly to listen to music or to answer various requests, which are often quite general. A recent study by GS1, Stone Temple, Statista shows that for general cultural questions, Google, Cortana or Amazon voice assistants answer on average 90% of questions correctly. More and more large groups are creating their own voice applications, such as Sephora, Adecco, Carrefour.

Voice assistants will become a new distribution channel, simply because voice is the most natural means of communication for humans and avoids travel. The same study shows that with a keyboard 53% of words are typed per minute compared to 161% with voice. Knowing that 11 million speakers have been sold worldwide.

It is therefore in the interest of e-merchants to develop their voice application.

First step, adapt your SEM strategy. Voice searches are different and search for words related to the family of the product you are looking for, so you should place your business on clear and searched keywords. Voice assistants are used to simplify life, most searches are local. The Internet merchant must therefore take this fact into account.

It is therefore urgent for online store owners to adapt to this new way of consuming by reorganizing their site such as structuring information or product sheets. 


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