The Advantages of Line Advertisement Platform

The Advantages of Line Advertisement Platform

In the current online marketing competition, building a brand or gaining new customers is not as easy as one thinks. 

Currently, LINE, one of the most downloaded applications in Thailand, offers LINE Ads Platform to advertise your business through LINE’s media. LINE Ads Platform (LAP) is a platform that enables you to purchase advertising on LINE to fulfill the marketing needs across all the marketing funnels.


This article explores the advantages of using LINE Ads platform and how it can be beneficial for your business. 

What can LINE Ads Platform Do

First and foremost, by using this method, your business is likely going to be recognized by more than 46 million users, with over 25,00 million reaches per month. A call-to-action can also be put into your advertisement to link to the specified application, website, or LINE Official Account to increase the number of followers as well. 


LINE Ads Platform helps create brand awareness as there are two more sub-objectives available; reach and frequency (where you can set the number of reach and frequency allowed for your campaign to reach a certain number of people) and website visit (to drive traffic to your website for audiences to get more information of your business). Secondly, it helps increase Customer Base, where you can gain friends for your LINE Official Account, encouraging users to follow your LINE Official Account for news and promotions. Thirdly, it helps increase sales and engagement through website conversion (drive interested users to take action of your website) and App Engagement (building the users’ engagement application who already download and install your application). Lastly, it can support customer retention through dynamic product sales. It can increase sales from existing customers by offering personalized products based on the data of each customer.


Line Advertisement Platforms and Differentiated Perspective 

By using LAP, you can now advertise your brand to your targeted customers by segmenting their location (by province, region, and district), gender, age, operating system, and interest. Additionally, you can create a custom audience based on available data. The Custom Audience is the “current customer base data from your LINE Official Account, your website, or the required application.” These data can then be beneficial to determine a lookalike audience in the next step. 

The Line Official Account helps connect the target customers to your brand’s LINE Official Account. For instance, your advertisement will appear to users who have followed but blocked your brand, users who have seen broadcast messages on your brand’s LINE Official Account, or users who have or have not clicked on your broadcast messages.

Next, the website or application offered. The customer data can be gathered through LINE Tags on the website or SDK on the application to target customers interested in purchasing your products. Lastly, the lookalike audience. This helps you gain new customers that are similar to your existing ones. The Lookalike Audience may be the followers on your LINE Official Account, website visitors, or application users. It will also help expand the customer base and increase sales.


Advertising Models that suit your campaign objective

Three advertising models can be select to match your campaign objective; impression, clicks, and followers. First, Impression; a perfect choice for a campaign that focuses on brand awareness or brand recognition. The measure is based on cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM). Second, Clicks; is idealistic for campaigns that focus on the number of click-throughs, such as the number of website visitor downloads. The measure is based on cost per click. Lastly, Followers; a great model for the brands that aim to increase the number of followers on their LINE Official Account. The measure is based on cost per friend (CPF).

I want to conclude with a case study that has been launched successfully through LAP.  In 2019, Generali decided to deploy the Blue Ocean strategy by using LINE Ads Platform (LAP) to spearhead new market penetration. LAP helped Generali reach a 46 million database through different Smart Channel locations on the chat page, LINE Timeline, banner ads on LINE Today, LINE TV, and LINE Wallet. The system helped the company choose the most effective position to match the desired objective and target group. Moreover, the platform allowed the company to put call-to-action buttons linking to the website or LINE Official Account to increase followers.


The online competition is scaringly competitive nowadays. You wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to promote your business in one of the most downloaded applications in Thailand and expanding worldwide. The service is impactful, serves all objectives, serve all targets, and serve all needs! Now, grab your phones, and let’s download this amazing green application!

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