Social media

Social Media and seo are both interesting topics for every webmaster. Is there a connection between? Does your social media trafic weighs upon your SEO strategy? Since 2010, Google considers Social Media as a signal in its results ranking. Social is therefore one of the decisive factors concerning Google’s results. How important socials
medias are for your strategy?


Social media trafic: impact on ranking

Algorithms used to calculate ranking results in search engines take into account several factors, which are in constant evolution: the use of keywords, high quality internal and external links, etc. Social medias are a source of trafic, therefore, one might wonder regards its impact on your website’s ranking. Search engines take now into account social medias, mainly Facebook and Twitter, in their algorithms. However, not all social links are included. To decide, search engines assess links’ authority and quality. Such as for classic links, ranking depends not only on quantity but also on quality. To have impact on your SEO strategy, social medias links need to be accessible to search engines indexing robots. With Facebook for instance, only fan pages links are taken into account, not private profils links nor walls links.


New content

Another advantage is the building of new content. Your website pages must be indexed by a search engine before appearing as a result. This indexation can be done in two different ways: or indexing robots do the automatically by following your links inside your websites, or you create yourself a detailed Sitemap of your pages for the search engine. It is important for search engines to have updates concerning your website for the indexation. Social medias can help by stating a new content to search engines and therefore make it relevant for visitors. Moreover, social medias being more and more integrated into search results, they can help you acquire higher visibility, just like Pimclick did with Google Chromecast for instance.


Useful tips

Social medias can contribute to a faster indexation of your website. It is therefore beneficial for your strategy to promote new content on your Facebook pages or through Twitter to facilitate the indexation process. Social medias being part of the Community Management, the number of fans, likes, shares, followers, tweets and retweets have an impact on the determination of your pages’ weight and therefore the authority of your links. It is also necessary to build an ongoing link between your website and your social medias. An activity and regular updates help to improve and strengthen your social medias links’ weight. Be careful however, search engines are able to identify non­reasonable behaviours. When using social medias, do not forget that, such as with SEO, search engines always reward high quality content and great user experience. The role and the importance of social medias are in constant evolution. It is therefore important to consider it in your SEO strategy. However, you must not lose sight that, even if search engines algorithms take into account social medias, its impact remains limited compared to traditional SEO optimisation techniques. Social operates in a wider optimisation strategy for search engines. At Pimclick, our web agency in Bangkok, we offer you social media services to help your ranking on search engines. Contact us for more info.