The Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is all the e-marketing actions you do for your company to improve its indexing, natural or paid. Visibility can be acquired with optimisation (SEO) or with advertising (SEA). Therefore, to summarise, SEM = SEA + SEO. However, since nowadays we are in the era of social networking, SMO (Social Media Optimization) has been added to the formula.



The process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), also called natural indexing, help your URL link reach the top results in the search engines such as Google. Various criteria have to be taken into account : keywords, relevant content, HTML tags, correct coding, external netlinking, etc. A SEO is a free e-marketing process, search engines will not make you pay for natural indexing. However, you might need to use a specialist service provider with the requisite skills, such as Pimclick, to help you. Developing a SEO strategy takes time, you need therefore to be patient and perseverant to see results, especially if you have very competitive keywords. If you are looking for faster results, refer to SEA.



SEA is the shortcut to say Search Engine Advertising and is, opposing to SEO, paid indexing. That is to say that you will have to pay to appear on search engines’ reserved spaces, on the top of the SERPs. It is working on a bidding system. SEA is considered as the second e-marketing technique in the SEM, after the SEO technique. This is a very fast method to rank your website, especially if you have the same competitive keywords as many other competitors. Compared to advertising in the outside world, advertising online allows you to exactly know your return on investment (ROI).



Social Media Optimization, also known as social indexing, is used to develop your company’s visibility through social medias such as blogs, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube and more. The aim is to create interactions on your social medias and between your website and social medias. SMO can be used for advertising campaigns. All the SMO actions help your company’s SEO. Indeed, due to the high popularity of specific posts on social medias, your website will get a better rank. SMO includes indexing, viral marketing, content preparation et e-reputation management. SMO is rather complex, according to the number of social medias you use, in any case, it advised to set up a precise SMO strategy. For Farançais Center, Pimclick used SEM techniques, such as SEO and SMO.