SEA is an abbreviation to Search Engine Advertising and is, opposing to SEO, paid indexing. That is to say that you will have to pay to appear on search engines’ reserved spaces and on top of the SERPs. It works in accordance to a bidding system. SEA is considered as the second popular e-­marketing technique in SEM, following SEO. SEA is a much faster method to rank your website than SEO, especially if you have the same keywords as many other businesses. Compared to advertising in the outside world, advertising online allows you to know exactly what your return on investment is (ROI).


Google Adwords

Google is considered by many to be the most efficient search engine nowadays, more than 90% of searches online are made via Google. To manage SEA campaigns on Google you will need to subscribe to Google Adwords account and build your sponsored links campaigns. You will pay for every click your link gets, it is called Cost per Click (CPC). Pimclick’s skilled team will guide you through your SEA campaigns on Google Adwords.


Conversion rate

The best competitive advantage you get from a CPC campaign and paid indexing is being able to reach your current and potential customers at the exact same time they are looking for goods or services within your category. Therefore, your potential conversion rate is on the highest level. It becomes easier to control your campaign’s factors precisely and thus maximise customer acquisition costs. ROI can be calculated as soon as your campaign has started. Contact our web agency in Bangkok for more details.


Brand image

The aim of this e-­marketing investment, apart from reaching a high conversion rate, is to strengthen the reputation of your business among your clients. Moreover, being systematically top ranked on SERPs will strengthen the idea of relevance associated with your brand in customers’ mind. This relevance can be hardly reached in natural indexing because it is difficult and expensive to appear on many keywords. As indexing is a broad concept that requires skills and holds plenty of hidden difficulties, call Pimclick to advise you and guide you through the process.