#SavePhuketHotels - Help the Phuket Hotels Survive

#SavePhuketHotels – Help the Phuket Hotels Survive

Welcome back to the second part of the blog! After reading the first blog on Bangkok Hotels, this blog discusses the Phuket Hotels presentation overview. 


Pimclick has partnered up with Bangkok University and successfully launched two presentations on Saving the hotel business industry in Bangkok and Phuket. The purpose of this partnership aims to implement the Design Thinking Approach to the Real-life concept of digital transformation. After eight weeks of research, the team has utilized the Design Thinking method to develop four processes; empathize, define, ideate, prototype to incorporate Pimclick’s three elements of creativity, new-technology, and e-marketing. 

The first process is to empathize using one-on-one interviews and surveys on customers, hotel managers, and travel agencies. The process aims to transcribe information collected to visually understand the data using empathy maps (to visualize our user’s attitude and behavior from the data collected) and journey maps (to visualize customer’s interactions and experiences to understand the customer’s actual experience rather than our own assumption).

Next, the team defined three personas (two  primary and one secondary) to link to their Point of view by asking themselves in what way might we, finishing the questions with all what came into our minds based on our customer’s needs) make travel part more enjoyable, help them discover less known parts of Phuket, and get more discounts to lower their expenses 

The third process is Ideation. The team came up with ideas and listing out the connection between their ideas and the brand and business using NOW/WOW/HOW ideas. The NOW ideas include familiarity, working ideas, easy to implement, already proven to work. The WOW ideas consist of new ideas that are easy to implement and executed. The HOW idea consists of innovative ideas that are not yet feasible but the possible future ideas. 

The final process is the Prototype – the technique aims to test the working methods of impact vs. feasibility. The first method is a treasure hunt where the hotels will give them access to the QR code and let them participate. The team also came up with marketing ideas such as e-marketing, social media marketing, video marketing (Youtube Ads), experimental marketing (events booths), to partner with influencers to raise awareness. 

The second campaign is the Phuket Beach Clean-Up. They aim to partner with Ocean conservatory or PTT Public companies to attract local and international guests to clean up the beach and visit animal sanctuaries (the less known part in Phuket). The campaign’s primary marketing technique is to use social influences’ social media platforms to spread awareness. The participants can also win the opportunity to have a meet and greet with them. 

The third campaign is called #hotelinthewallchallenge (based on a famous game show). The campaign uses Augmented Reality by using the created filters and alternating the audiences into the gaming world. The guests can participate by scanning the QR code, using the hashtag to invite friends and families, where the incentives include discounts and other prizes from the hotels. Similarly, influencers will be used to raise awareness through their social media platform to start the hashtag trending. 

The team has also presented their project on Saturday, October 10th, 2020, and their presentation on the e-marketing approaches are promising to benefit the hotel industries. Both teams have finalized concrete ideas to real-life approaches, as well as linking it to Pimclick’s three company’s elements.

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