#SaveBkkHotels - Help the Bangkok Hotels Survive

#SaveBkkHotels – Help the Bangkok Hotels Survive

Pimclick is aware of how significant digital transformation could be for all brands and businesses, especially during this challenging time. Since COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the world, not only people are heavily affected by it in the health and wellness aspect, but the business world is also the one who’s been hit hard as well.

Pimclick has partnered up with Bangkok University and successfully launched two presentations on Saving the hotel business industry in Bangkok and Phuket. The purpose of this partnership aims to implement the Design Thinking Approach to the Real-life concept. After eight weeks of research, the team has utilized the Design Thinking method to develop four processes; empathize, define, ideate, prototype to incorporate Pimclick’s three elements of creativity, new-technology, and e-marketing.

The first part of the blog is based on the Bangkok hotels called #SaveBkkHotels. #SaveBkkHotels is a project to help the hotels in Bangkok during the Covid19 outbreak in 2020. The aim is to come up with marketing campaigns that would be suitable for the hotels in Bangkok to use to be able to attract local customers to use the products and services of the hotel and help the hotel generate revenue to go through the tough times. After eight weeks of research, the team has utilized the Design Thinking method to develop three potential campaigns and incorporate Pimclick’s three elements; creativity, new-technology, and e-marketing.

The research consists of surveys, interviews, graphs, and empathy maps to help display the decline in Bangkok’s tourist statistics. The team implemented three marketing campaigns that are related to three different personas of Richy (the Michelin foodie), Harley (the adventurous seeker), and Anne (the mother of three kids). Moreover, all the campaigns are designed to participate through QR code to enhance technology (mobile marketing), creativity (Influencers, KOL’s), and E-marketing.

The first campaign is called Unlimited International Cuisine – “Up 2 U” or “u pick v cook.” This campaign is designed to match Richy’s persona, the foodie man, and Anne, the three kids’ mother.
Each hotel’s restaurant will prepare ingredients based on a specific country’s cuisine. Customers can each choose their ingredients and send the recipe to the chef. The purpose is to build awareness to attract and increase customer traffic to the hotel’s restaurant after the pandemic, create an international vibe, promote the international cuisine, and support Local Farmers.

The second campaign aims to use the hotel for active AR gaming activities, design to match Harley’s persona, the man who loves adventurous activities. 

The plan is to collaborate mobile applications with AR gaming by using different hotels as their venue for the AR games (Eg. Escape Room). The campaign’s objective is to attract gamers into the hotel with the possibility of them staying overnight to win a prize. Since Thailand has 18.3 million gamers, attracting at least 10% of these people can add a huge additional revenue for the Bangkok Hotel industry.

The third campaign targets the night lifestyle by making use of the Hotel’s function halls, rooftop pools, and the bar & restaurants to host music events, design to match Harley and Richy’s persona.
The campaign aims to increase the traffic to the hotels by catering to music lovers from all generations. For example, an event’s dress code could include fashionable masks to keep safe from covid19 and genre-specific attire to the event (two birds in one stone). The interactive marketing campaign allows the users to play along and mix music to their preferred genre, such as EDM, Rock, Jazz, Hip-hop, Pop, etc.


The team has presented their project on Saturday, October 10th, 2020, and their presentation looks very promising to be beneficial for the hotel industries. 
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