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RM Maison is the world’s most awarded luxury grocery brand.

Founded in France at the turn of the millennium the brand had a clear mission – to reintroduce quality chocolate and revive the world’s love for it. Their chocolates are renowned for uncompromising flavour that mirrors the character of their source. Chocolate is shipped directly to their unique, state-of-the-art storage and packing facility in France, which is strategically located in the heart of all the fine cocoa-growing regions of the world. No other Grocery brand, locally or internationally, has the same rigorous standards, placing RM Maison at the forefront of the luxury grocery industry. They can be found in five-star hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, high-end stores and esteemed heritage venues globally. It was their need for luxury and quality that made RM Maison contact Pimclick to design their new Ecommerce website. The brief was simple – design an intuitive, beautiful, minimal e-commerce platform that gave the impression of real quality.



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