No matter what size your company is, you will need to adopt a printing strategy to save money, comply to security standards and adopt eco­friendly practices. Or you can ask a web agency that offers printing services, like Pimclick in Bangkok. Anyway, you should be aware of these aspects a printing policy should cover with at the end an easier operation, safer and eco- friendlly.



Companies looking for saving money think about how they can control their resources. However, printing is a department quite easy to control, such as consumables, paper, toner, etc. That is what all the printing strategy is about. The manager’s office can encourage its employees to print only when needed and can get a print management software allowing the centralisation and the management of printings while monitoring the resources consumption in papers and toner. Therefore, the company is ensured to no running out of consumables without having to buy anymore stocks than needed. Moreover, companies can chose to impose specific parameters such as two­sided printing or black and white printing, to limit waste of paper, ink and tone. It is also important to use consumables the printer recommend as reference, you maximise then the chances to get an optimal printing return and you use the printer cartridge to its maximum.


Environmental considerations

Companies with a strong environmental conscience will encourage recycling and rational printing practices and tell their employees to shut down every electronic devices when they are not using them. There are softwares automatically putting printers down when employees leave the office: besides being eco­friendly, companies will appreciate to receive lower electricity bills at the end of the year. As shown in several studies, companies’ electricity bills has doubled in 10 years, this savings potential is not negligible. Other studies also reveal that 9 out of 10 persons would recycle even more if it was easier, leading to adopt simple measures: installing recycling bins just right bib the printer for instance. Paper is an extremely important raw material and more than 60% of the paper and cardboard manufactured in France is actually recycled paper, hence the importance to get used to recycling. Everyone need to be individually responsible and aware of the pros of recycling. Knowing, for instance, that the recycled paper manufacturing consumes six times less water and four times less electricity than new paper manufacturing can help companies on deciding to apply new recycling policies.


Security measures

The mediatisation of cyber­attacks and cybercrime events made us think about security issues that have always been in IT discussions. There are technologies to ensure safety and confidentiality for your printed files. Multifunction printer, for example, are equipped with “Secure Print” functions where no one can see or print any documents without a specific code. Those procedures, alongside the environment aspect, can make employees think twice before printing. You can also set up a “Pull Printing” software, with card access control system, allowing you to store print work on a server to print later, in total safety, on any other compatible printer. And to protect important client datas, there are encryption tools preventing intruders and pirates to read sensitive and confidential datas. It is a good start to build a printing strategy, but you will need to inform your employees. They have to be trained to know which rules they have to follow and why, so they can gauge the importance of joining the movement. It does not take a long time to create your own printing strategy and your company will quickly benefit from the savings you have made and the advantages of an eco­friendly behaviour. If you wish to request assistance on printing services, you can check out what we did with Diesel. Please contact our agency in Bangkok if you need printing services for your company. And do not forget to follow our daily news on Facebook and Instagram !