Post pandemic how e-commerce is becoming the key tactic for marketers.

Post pandemic how e-commerce is becoming the key tactic for marketers.

There are a plethora of digital trends in the market right now but e-commerce accelerated from a growing opportunity to a necessity during the coronavirus pandemic. Even as the economy restarts and shows a pick up, certain consumer behaviors could persevere, possibly making e-commerce a key tactic for marketers hereon and also in the future.

Companies that were hitherto building up their e-commerce arsenal are encountering a gold-rush from the recent upsurge in online shopping. E-commerce now accounts for a total of 14% of P&G’s sales at the international level, while its competitor Unilever projects to increase their funding to support high-growth business segments like e-commerce.

On the platform end, rising platforms like TikTok have now collaborated with industry leaders like Google in spreading out new e-commerce features and services for merchants, which will become a main focus for retailers. Getting e-commerce strategy right will be more and more important as Generation Z’s buying power accelerates since the cohort is less welcoming of bad digital shopping experiences and will rapidly move on from brands that can’t deliver and convey.

E-commerce tools can now also use artificial intelligence and deep learning to improve customer experience. Pimclick is launching a technology that can understand your customer better than your in-store sales associate. The technology enables superior search experience for online shoppers and improves search utility and conversion KPI. A proprietary ranking algorithm takes many signals into account to rank the most relevant products highest.

E-commerce is a more speedily evolving space and is becoming one of the most important business trends as the funnel between marketing and sales keeps shrinking. We are going to see a lot of activity in the e-commerce space as everyone is starting to recognize its importance.

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