Packaging design

Pimclick, the web design agency based in Bangkok, offers packaging design services. Designing packages is interpreting marketing and commercial. From a client demand, our goal is to propose
different packaging solutions achievable on machines, considering many requirements: use of the product, costs, eco­design, standards, quality, security, health, environment, aestheticism, etc. Somewhere between creativity and scientificness, the packaging design is a passionate et possibilities with paper and cardboard are infinite.



Create useful and on top of fashion packages:
– Translate the client demand into technical datas: types of materials, production methods, area, volume and costs calculation, etc.
– Design prototypes achievable with manufacturing tooling of the company.
– Adapt existing products to the client demand.
– Create new concepts following the market development.
– Advice the commercial and marketing departments.
Here an example of packaging design.


The evolution of packaging design

Often tied to the engineering office, the packaging designer works in team with other designers, but above all with the marketing, commercial and manufacturing departments. He works mainly on computers, with computer­assisted design softwares such as Photoshop, that evolves permanently. The packaging designer is also required to visit his clients, whatever country they are in. The
job requires qualifications increasing all the time between technique and creativity. The customer requirements are getting even more challenging (reduction of packaging at source, development of Shelf Ready, awareness of regulatory contraints). Technologies are in permanent growth, especially in the printing and computer­assister designing sectors. Contact­us at our office in Bangkok if you wish more details.