The purpose of the newsletter is to inform customers, through emails, of the news of the website or of you company, such as new features, new product launching, new blog posts, etc. It is not about directly triggering the sale but rather showing a ‘living’ website, that your offering is constantly evolving and that the recipient of the email should check out your website. The aim is not the sale but the information ; the ultimate goal remaining a higher conversion rate however. It is hard to not talk about your products in your newsletter, you can however make a clever presentation of them by introducing an event about it for example. You need to inform, retain your customers and build a relationship between them and your brand. Offering the possibility of a newsletter for your customers is a successful e­marketing strategy. Contact us for more details.



A newsletter subscription must be “opt­in”, that is to say customers must have approved the subscription previously and have to be able to unsubscribe anytime, “opt­out”. The checkbox must not be pre­ticked when a visitor is fulfilling its personal details, it has to be up to the visitor, his choice. The more subscriptions you get, the better your SEO strategy will be, as your company is being talked about.


Newsletter templates

If you are not into designing newsletter templates, there are plenty of free templates available online, for everyone’s taste. Pimclick, our web design agency in Bangkok will advise and help you if you feel like a newsletter would be a plus for your company.


Commercial Email

It important for a website potentiate its customer portfolio and its subscriber database. However, you need to differentiate these two emailing types: commercial emailing and newsletter. Both have common goals but of different natures. A commercial email, opposing to the newsletter, is for purchase purpose, an immediate conversion rate. This email have to be optimised to trigger the purchase, therefore it has to be targeted on a specific action and structured to not end up in the bin. Wether you are doing a promotional operation or it is sales period, this is a fitting occasion to make your customers and subscribers buy more easily your products. All you have to do is have a catchy and short title, write a tagline inviting your customer to pursue the reading and land on your website and a well ­designed website for a successful emailing operation.