Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing gathers all the marketing techniques using mobile to communicate. At first, mobile marketing used mainly text messages to communicate with the target, we used to talk about different SMS campaigns:
– Pull campaign: it consists in encouraging the prospect to send a text message to the company to, for instance, receive a promotion or participate to a game contest. Thus, the message is sent from the prospect to the company (Pull) that can therefore improve its database.
– Push campaign: the company sends text messages to prospects’ mobiles (Push) in order to encourage them to visit the store or make a purchase.
– Push & Pull campaign: the company sends text messages (Push) to prospects but is waiting for an answer form them (Pull).


Evolution of the mobile market

However, thanks to developments in mobile technologies (smartphones, 4G, etc.), mobile marketing has gone from strength to strength in recent years and it is now possible to realise visual advertising through MMS, mobile applications and games including ads. It is also possible to send messages thanks to geo­tracking when the person is near your store, it is the iBeacon technology, used on the Gallerie’s Night app for instance.


When using mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing still offers a bright future but in which situations using it? Nowadays, mobile marketing appears like the new solution to get in touch with your target, even though it has existed for several years, smartphones has turned upside down the use of mobile marketing. Its use allows to develop your brand through a SMS or MMS campaign, but also to win new customers thanks to promotion directly sent on mobile devices and therefore retain your clients. Mobile marketing is as well a source of income because it is now possible to pay through your mobile thanks to brands’ specific applications. Pimclick is expert in mobile marketing for many years. Contact the agency for more information.