CMS is the technical name for a system that can give you the power to manage your content by yourself online in a very easy way, like word processing can with printed content. Joomla! is a free, modular, extensible and evolutionary CMS. Pimclick is an expert in CMS for over 10 years but especially in Joomla!. The web design agency can provide you Joomla! services on the short or long term. Here a deeper understanding of the CMS and its characteristics.


Easily accessible

Joomla! comes from Mambo, a successful CMS thanks to its ease of use. Simultaneously to a considerable development, Joomla! stick to this characteristic: a superior accessibility compared to other CMS. As well with a complete French support, thanks to its open source model and efforts from a French community (France, Québec, Belgium, Maghreb, Switzerland).


A high number of users

Joomla! is used and supported by a large community, in a continued growth. Even though there are plenty of CMS­related forums, entirely or in part, the official French forum had, in 2013, 77000 members enrolled and 320 daily new messages.


An accessible and free code

Under the principles of open source software is that every user can improve the code, as the latter is accessible. Like a cooking recipe: to improve it you need to have it and see oh what it’s composed. Contrary to other softwares owned by editors who decided to close their code, either to hide their “secrets” or their defaults in most cases. Joomla! has more than 9000 extensions, that means complementary functionalities directly integrable to the basic CMS.



Joomla! is supplied with the required functionalities and tools to create and manage any type of website, from the modest showcase website to the largest multi­languages and multi­services Internet portal. With Joomla!, you can manage articles, banners, users, contact forms, news, RSS feeds, partner links and many other services. By default, Joomla! offers an ACL (Access Control List) management entirely customisable: access control, also known as rights management, is granular and customisable at both application and content levels as users levels. It is extremely convenient to be able to finely identify who can access to which content or functionalities, and who manage what.



In addition to being an open source software (accessible source, open), Joomla! is totally free, it does not cost a cent to download or install. Joomla! has been used for instance for one of our client, Phyathai and Farancais Center. Don’t hesitate to contact­us for more details.