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Tell us about you, your career, how you founded this company?

I’m Peter Macquart-Moulin from Yesmom Fertility, I’m French – American, born and raised in France, moved to Thailand five years ago and previously had been a strategic risk consultant before transitioning into a new career in digital health entrepreneur. So I moved to Thailand five years ago and started Yesmom with a venture builder called Center Nakama that had French Thai co-founder Niki Medical. And together we built a company with the aim of empowering women with the knowledge and tools to learn more about their body and to have greater agency over their own health care decisions and reproductive health.

What strategy did you use to launch Yesmom in Thailand?

So at the time, there were very few platforms that we could reach customers and educate them about our products and the healthcare space, so we built a digital app, a women’s health application that personalized content based on symptomatic data that they reported to us. And the kind of use case for that was women trying to track their menstruation or trying to track their ovulation so that they could conceive. And that tool helped us to kind of reach hundreds of thousands of women in Thailand and now globally, many more to educate them about their body, to educate them about our products and services as well. We are currently a product that’s in the market is a blood testing kit that allows us to deliver a laboratory test directly to consumers at home. And this is a very novel concept in this part of the world, even though it’s quite prevalent in the United States and in Europe. So through these kind of digital tools, we’ve been able to reach the customers and educate them about the tools available to them and products available to them to take control of their health.

How does your company innovate in digital? What is the impact of digital on your activity?

I mean, we’re one hundred percent digital company, we have a physical touch points that is a blood collection kit, but our product in service is all online, it’s all digital. And the way that we access the customers is not through any kind of retail outlet. It’s through our own digital products or through partners in telemedicine. So we are 90% , digital company. We innovate by creating health care products. So our digital products take laboratory results and give clinical interpretation of what those lab results mean and give context and the implications of those results on a person’s health in women’s health in particular.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business and how are you coping?

So coronavirus was devastating for a few months, it completely shut down our business, we were conducting a lot of in-person blood collection at the time, but the biggest disruption was in our supply chain. We weren’t able to access some of the medical equipment that we required, particularly like specimen bags in our laboratory partners were overwhelmed responding to coronavirus. So we were essentially out of business for three months until the supply chain was able to catch up with us and our lives were able to service our needs again. At the same time, in the longer term has been very positive because we’ve seen an increasing of adoption of digital health and the acceptance of consumers of digital health. And we’re very much in line with telemedicine and develop telemedicine partners. So it was a transitional year. It started off pretty rough and it’s been wonderful since then.

What are the future digital plans for Yesmom?

So I think we will continue to develop digital products for health and women’s health, we’re developing tools around perimenopause and post menopause, heart health and a number of other health applications. What I think we need to do is find new innovative ways of reaching new customers and educating them about these products and services of doing a lot more video content, looking at a lot more digital tools to access them.

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