French Tech X Optima Training

French Tech X Optima Training

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded this company?

Hi my name is Vincent I’m originally from France and I’ve been in Thailand for 14 years before that I can consider myself as a globetrotter. I was born and raised in France, I worked in the US for 3 years, I worked in Africa for 3 years and I arrived in Thailand in 2007. My background I’ve been in sales all of my life all of my career and most recently as an employee in Thailand I was Sales Director for Wall Street English and Adecco Thailand. Fast forward to 2019 I launched Optima Training and Consulting and we focus on helping companies to improve their sales performance.

What strategy did you use to launch Optima Training in Thailand?

Well that’s an excellent question basically I’ve been there for 14 years in the Sales Manager and Sales Director roles so obviously I have a large network of existing clients and in all of my career I managed a quite significant sales forces here in Thailand up to 80 sales representatives in previous companies I was with and I noticed there was a skills gap in terms of where the sales rep in Thailand could be much better much more effective so basically leveraging our existing network we found that market opportunity to help companies develop the capabilities of their sales team.

How does your company innovate in digital? What is the impact of digital on your activity?

Well that’s an excellent question obviously digital transformation is everywhere nowadays and it impacts us and our clients as well so when we started with the traditional training programs we first noticed that there was a need for digital learning as well. So we have developed a range of training programs that. Deliver that are Blended learning using E-learning systems as well as a face-to-face or video conferencing we borrow trainers for our trainer and thai trainer so we use technology on a dirty business did you know I was starving so swell clients for number one number two with personal things that why improving thus the skills of the sales team many of our clients question listen to to listen to optimize adapters process so we’ve also partnered with a company to provide a CRM Solutions we should follow the sales team to work 40 digital in a remote way and melasma laxative lead of Science in nursing pipeline

What benefit do you provide to your clients using your services?

Well I mean that our reason to be here to help our clients we’re here to help companies then basically we focus our on helping our clients to improve their sales performance improve their top line and improve the bottom line as a few examples we have clients who after using our services have increased their sales for specific products by + 26 + 27 + 38% so basically yes we do believe we have an impact. We measure a significant increase in the performance of the sales team and the performance of the company after using our services.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business and how are you coping?

I mean….Like everyone we have been affected. Our clients have been affected. We have been affected as well in two ways: first of all we’ve been affected in the way we operate we have to change the way we were working using a lot of video conferencing tools we’ve also developed a program for our clients to help the sales people to be more effective at selling online what we call virtual selling and also so we’ve been practicing the way we are operate and in terms of business activity yes we took it last year in Q2 but basically because we were fully equipped with digital solution especially the e-learning programs we’ve really managed to wave to surf that waves and basically transformed that threat to be an opportunity because the clients were actually reluctant at using e-learning a year ago, are now more and more curious and willing to at least give it a try for the e-learning solutions.

What are the future plans for Optima Training?

Well I mean we need to follow the trend of the world then go more and more into digital. With that being said that you cannot completely automate your relationship with clients and your the way you work I mean we’re still we think about digital as a tool to help the humans and one motto that we have is we try to combine technology with people to improve the overall performance so yes we will use more and more digital tools going forward in the meantime we will not be the slave of the tools but when I use the tools to actually help the team, help our clients to perform better and to have an easier life.

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