Fixing bugs

In computing, a bug is a conception flaw in a computing program or system that causes a dysfunction. The name comes from the first computer incident ever that was caused by an insect. A bug can be adjusted if you keep a certain maintenance for your website.


Types of maintenance

A website maintenance is necessary. There are however several different types of maintenance:
– Corrective maintenance: a bug happened and was creating other problems that you need to adjust.
­- Preventive maintenance: a bug has been identified but did not occurred. Actions are going to be made so that the bug does not happen.
­- Progressive maintenance: your requirements grow but the website does not fulfil your needs. Progressive maintenance will help you adapt and update your website.
­- Adaptative maintenance: this is a special case in computing that could be linked to progressive maintenance. An adaptative maintenance is used when a new browser is created. Your website can meet issues on these new tools and therefore you will need to modify it in order to take account of these new technological constraints imposed, we talk about adaptative maintenance.


Why does a website need maintenance

Your website will need maintenance to tie­up with developments in technology. A website is physically hosted on a server and has been designed to work on this one. The server is, in a manner of speaking, the foundation of the website so it has to be robust. Hardwares are constantly evolving and operating systems must adapt to use this new hardware. Techniques improve, for instance development languages used on website change. Some of the versions end up no being supported because there are obsolete. For example, you will not find anymore Windows XP updates or hardware drivers since may 2016. Therefore, you need your website to follow its server trend to be based on a flawed foundation.
Your website will also need maintenance to correct computing bugs. A bug can occur on an application, or it can be hidden in the app when it is delivered or it is detected and will be adjusted. Sometimes, a bug occurs because the application operational conditions change such as modified setups, volume of visitors, specific products, etc.
Or your website can need maintenance just to improve and keep it updated. You have new specific requirements so a preventive or adaptative maintenance would be the
Every websites should be delivered with a corrective and preventive maintenance contract on the web application and the underlying web hosting. based on a flawed foundation.Contact our web design agency in Bangkok for more details about our maintenance services.