Creating Successful Sponsored Content: Dos and Don'ts

Creating Successful Sponsored Content: Dos and Don’ts

• Try to sell your product on the first line.
• Conceal the fact the content has been paid for.
• Rely on the volume of text instead of its quality.
• Disregard the problems your or your publisher’s readers have for the sake of promotion.
• Pick just any available format or platform that comes into your mind.

• Focus on delivering value with your content & public relations — beyond offering your product or service.
• Respect FTC (Federal Trade Commission) guidelines regarding sponsored content. Use relevant hashtags and other marks to avoid both misleading your users and regulatory issues.
• Clearly state the goal of the publication to yourself, the publisher, and the writer. Use only as much text as needed to cover the topic. Add unique and compelling visuals to make your content more engaging and easy to read.
• When researching or negotiating the topic, try to pick one problem that will highlight your brand’s or product’s strengths and cater to your audience’s needs. Ensure you are showcasing your unique expertise.
• Carefully research the platform’s specifics. Compare its audience against your buyer persona(s) to ensure the piece you publish will hit the mark.

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