Community management

Community Management (CM) is the art of providing a network of clients or prospects online to develop your activity. A community manager relies on a professional use of social medias and analysis softwares to encourage internet users to be a part of your business and follow your activity. Community Management is also the pleasure of using social medias to promote your ideas or products and being able to analyse effectively the effects of your work.


Community manager

Community Management is the art of created, manage and accompany “communities” by using a choice of social medias. This requires specific tools according to individual cases: mediation and moderation of forums, blogs, Facebook pages, Google+, encourage participation, etc. The role and objectives of a community manager are :
– manage the reputation and e­reputation of your brand
– promote your brand, offers and events
– build a dialogue with your actual and potential clients
– encourage social commitment
– ensure solid support on social medias

Community Manager is a fully fledged job much­demanded for the last few years because its impacts on getting higher online visibility can be considerable. It is also a constantly evolving job including activities that must adapt to technological innovation. Community managers usually work together with web masters, SEO experts and web editors, or may be assigned to related tasks.



Community management is used for numerous and various tasks but its main objective is being present on social medias and promote a positive image of your brand using competitive intelligence and monitoring your e­reputation for instance. Above all, community management is considered as complementary to SEO work and is used to communicate major issues with technical staff to optimise natural referencing and your communities’ cohesion. This can be by publicising and encouraging internet users to regularly read content through a blog. Moreover, you can informing and boosting your readers to participate to your activities, through forums discussions or comments. You can also help internet users to easily find relevant information thanks to FAQ, Google groupes, etc. Another benefit to community management is being able to get subscriptions to forms and therefore targeted email adresses and indirectly participate to your company’s activities. Pimclick provides Community Management services for all types of companies, for short or long term and allows you to directly see and improve your results.