Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

No matter which direction you look at, you can never escape the essence of digital. In order to stay ahead in the digital game and stay relevant in a dynamic corporate space, marketers are starting to adopt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. These not-so-futuristic technologies are making their way towards the next generation marketing and advertising that allows the customers to be out front and center as an integral part of messaging.

To understand how AI has impacted content marketing, let’s first distinguish the differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence is basically a term that explains how a computer program or machine can imitate various kinds of human behaviors, attitudes, and thoughts, for instance, a person’s movement and speech and their ability to plan out acquired intelligence to perform different actions with minimal human intervention.
On the other hand, Machine Learning enables a computer application or program to recognize and study data patterns. The ML-integrated program or application is then able to improve its capabilities without any human assistance.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

In this section, I will now discuss the four primary benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing. While Artificial Intelligence is continually redefining Content Marketing, marketers who link Artificial Intelligence technology to their marketing strategies and campaigns are well prepared to contribute to the organizations’ success.

1)AI Enhances Personalized Customer Interactions

Mass message campaigns are now considered as an old “thing.” Irrelevant content is a great source of consumer disattachment. Therefore, it is normal that many customers will lose interest in a brand if their expectations are not being met. According to research, 52% of consumers are likely to switch to a different brand or product if they do not receive personBenefits of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketingalized communication from the company, 65% of business buyers would switch brands if their vendors don’t personalize communication and 72% of businesses reveal that enhancing customers experience is their top priority
It is challenging to achieve an efficient scale of personalization needed to deliver successful multi-channel marketing campaigns. Because manual tuning of campaigns doesn’t seem to be working, several marketers often find that they are falling behind to meet customer’s expectations despite working harder and spending more upon their budget. The biggest challenge for marketers is finding the right tools to support personalized marketing efforts. It is revealed that 80% of marketers personalize content is more competent than generic content. Personalization helps them promote transparency in marketing campaigns and provides marketers with the ability to control their strategy.

2) AI Enhances Marketing Campaigns

When marketers can seize the ability of Artificial Intelligence, their marketing campaigns and strategies improve significantly because marketers are using everything they know about their customers to customize an individual’s eBenefits of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketingxperience. According to studies, it shows that 79% of marketing executives believe that AI will make their tasks be done faster and better, but they must also be prepared and able to translate data into meaningful interactions, to impact the business performance positively. Also, 75% of marketers believe that within the next three years,  they will actively attempt to implement Artificial Intelligence in their businesses successfully. 

3) AI Delivers Relevant Content to the Right Audiences

Artificial Intelligence allows marketers to predict accurately relevant content for the right audiences. 61% of companies with innovation strategies are already implementing AI to identify critical opportunities in data. Without this technology, these business opportunities are likely overlooked.
This technology helps marketers realize their audience’s full potential, automate, and accurately optimize their customer experience. In other words, this is the analysis of infinite amounts of data, such as age and income brackets, personBenefits of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketingal interests, geo-location, the device used to shop, day/time preference for going online, etc. With this, marketers are better prepared to make highly meaningful connections by processing the right content at the right moment.
For instance, instead of focusing on all men between 20 and 30 years of age who “enjoy exercising,” you can further target those who prefer weight liftings versus cardio.

AI is starting to revolutionize the marketing industry. It will definitely continue to disrupt content marketing a lot more rapidly than any of us can imagine, transform jobs, and create a significant number of opportunities for businesses that can take a grip on this technology efficiently. However, there are also numerous attempts to make Artificial Intelligence technology more cost-efficient, affordable, and easier to access. The challenge will then fall in the hands of technical talent individuals capable of building and executing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions. Are you one of them?

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