Are you a good community manager ?

Are you a good community manager ?

The community manager is the ambassador of a brand on the web, his goal is to monitors and builds multiple communities on social networks. A community manager doesn’t just needs knowledge of rules and netiquette used in web but also requires common sense, the right aptitude, capacity to keep it cool under every circumstance, reactivity and lot of humor to make decisions regarding the company’s image.

Are you a good community manager ?

A good community manager has to preserve brand values and image on social network while taking account of consumer’s request.

Our web agency is expert in social media marketing and strategies, we are able to manage it beautifully as we’re doing for soft condom. It is why I made this article to give you some advices to become the best communities manager.

  • Know how to answer with class and humor
  • Have a perfect spelling
  • Know you company
  • Be reactive toward current event
  • Adapt you message to your interlocutor
  • Find powerful punchline
  • Be able to transform your weaknesses to strengths
  • Keep authority if necessary
  • Link punchline with web culture

Community management requires a lot of multitasking skills and sticking to best practices.
As you understand, being a qualify community manager is not an easy task, but isn’t impossible at all.

Don’t worries, our creative agency in bangkok is an expert in digital marketing. If you need anything about  social network strategy feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you in your projects (Joomla or WordPress)

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Be able to make the link between your clients and your brand online is quite complicated but this article will help you to be the best community manager.
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