A new Adwords tool to predict the reach of YouTube Ads

Last month, Google AdWords introduced a new tool called Reach Planner, which allows advertisers to predict the reach and frequency of advertising formats on YouTube. In addition, Reach Planner can also predict ad performance based on Google video partners. The tool will offer a single reach on all devices, for all audiences and all video formats.

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Another key feature of the Reach Planner is called the product mix. This feature will give advertisers an overview of how the different video formats work best together.

Reach Planner will offer the best combination of YouTube advertising formats based on the advertiser’s marketing objective, advertising preferences and budget.

For example, if you want to maximize reach to increase awareness and have creative assets in the short term, Reach Planner will recommend the best spend mix between TrueView in-stream and Bumpers Ads to achieve this goal.

Here the steps on Reach Planner:

  1. Choose your audience – Define the target customers. Then, discover the most effective ways to reach them on YouTube;
  2. Finding the Right Product Combination – Reach Planner will help you identify the right combination of products based on the available ad formats and the budget of your plan.
  3. Discover your audience: Advertisers will see a delivery curve, frequency, and other key metrics for the defined audience. Advertisers can also make changes to the fly, to targeting, or to other campaign inputs to see how these settings change.

For more information and to start using Reach Planner, feel free to contact us: we’ll be glad to help.

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Google AdWords has introduced a new tool called Reach Planner It allows advertisers to predict the reach and frequency of advertising formats on YouTube.
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