8 Examples of logo you need to know and how to use them effectively

8 Examples of logo you need to know and how to use them effectively [Part 1]

If you look at your surroundings, there are business logos all around us. These are an essential part of every business as they represent a brand identity and focus to make themselves distinctive from their competitors. So if you want to design one for your business, we’ll be diving into eight different types of logos that you see in daily life and how to use them in creative ways.

1. Wordmark

8 Examples of logo you need to know and how to use them effectively [Part 1]

Wordmarks are simply logos in the form of a company’s name written in specific fonts. It might sound blunt but you need extra attention to create them effectively. You should know that some brands had to create a custom font for their logo, like Coca-Cola. But this process will take time and require the professional skill of a designer to craft a typeface that matches your brand identity. Wordmark is an excellent choice for companies that have catchy, easy-to-remember names. Because their logos will appear throughout all their marketing materials.

Examples: Coca-Cola, Subway, Google, and eBay.

2. Letterform

The letterform is a type of logo that only uses the initial letter of the business name. And oftentimes companies will make a complete version because the companies will use these two in different situations. And because the letterform is a logo with only the initial letter of the company name, it is very easy to use it on many occasions. And it is very recognizable as it has no complicated details. Letterform logos are a great choice for brands that are already well-known for audiences.

Examples: Facebook, McDonald’s, Netflix and Pinterest.

8 Examples of logo you need to know and how to use them effectively [Part 1]

3. Lettermarks

Lettermarks are typography-based logos that you could find its usage among companies with abbreviated names. Like NASA, BBC, or ESPN. They also use custom typefaces that suit their brand identities.

Examples: IBM, NASA, CNN, HP, BBC, AOL, EA

4. Logo Symbols

Logo symbols can be symbolic shapes, graphic icons, shapes, or objects that reflect the brand identity. Most companies will use real-world objects that go along with their services or their names. Such as Instagram’s camera or Shell’s Seashell design. So if you plan to design your company brand with logo symbols, make sure that you have a clear picture of what you want your logo to symbolize. And think about how it can subtly convey your brand’s values.

Examples: Shell, Apple, Twitter, Target, Instagram and Snapchat.


Now you know what kind of logos there are. But there are four more examples of logos we will need to learn more about in the second part of this article. So before considering creating a creative yet interesting logo for your business, what do you want people to think of your brand when they see the logo?



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