To boost your bussiness take a digital tip everyday in the morning and in the evening

To boost your business take a digital tip everyday in the morning and in the evening

With dramatical technological advancement, digital marketing becomes one of the issues every business owner is concerned about. To gain more leads, returning customers, and countless profits numerous business competitors strive in many ways for attention from audiences on websites and social media. But only few can shine. This is because, apart from their motivation, they know which solutions can effectively bring them to success in digital marketing. To stand out online, We at Pimclick give you some useful tips that we and other Top 30 Digital Agencies use to make our brand clients always recognisable and unforgettable.

1. Optimize your website for mobile and make it responsive

Mobile is booming. In 2019, smartphones accounted for 53% of global website traffic. This means that your business – or more specifically, your website – needs to be prepared for that behavior change.

According to research by Google, 49% of people said they would not buy from a brand again if they had a poor mobile experience. What does this show? Well, if your website is hard to use on mobile, you can say goodbye to most of your returning customers.

In order to satisfy your mobile audience (as well as increase your conversion rates) you’ll need to make your website mobile-friendly and mobile responsive. A mobile-responsive website will reformat its content in order to display neatly on mobile devices, meaning your visitors can spend less time squinting or sighing, and more time clicking and buying.

2. Research and analyse your competitors

Knowing what you’re up against will help you differentiate your business online. This is important because being different means you’ll stand out online, which ultimately means your website will get more clicks than your rivals’.

Let’s say you sell Organic Massage Oil. A quick Google search for your related services will reveal your competition, and the digital marketing tactics they’re using.

You’ll be able to see which massage oil related phrasing, imagery, and blog content your competitors are using, as well as other factors like the services, reputation, and reviews they have online.

Use this research to design your differentiators. If your competitors aren’t doing so, you could use Pimsheep Google Reviews to strengthen trust signals, advertise on social media to reach new customers, or sell a greater variety of products to pique a wider interest.

3. Lengthen and Consolidate your blog

A regularly updated blog can produce a constant stream of good leads from players all around the world. When it comes to writing business blogs, shorter doesn’t always mean sweeter.

A good blog post can attract traffic if it captures the attention of an audience, particularly when it has numerous shares online.

Longer, in-depth blog posts generate 9x higher success rates in gaining new customers than short blogs do. Think twice before making your blogs concise!

The average word count of top-ranked content on Google is between 1,140-1,285 words, but only 18% of companies’ blog posts are over 750 words. To ensure your content doesn’t fall into that short and not-so-sweet category, you should aim for that 1,200-word sweet spot.

You can even create blog content on a particular topic relevant to your industry and package a deeper and more comprehensive report within a PDF file that visitors can download. Whether you’re sharing industry tips or discussing your latest product, learning how to start a blog could add tremendous value to your visitors’ experience, while helping your website get found more easily via search engines (blogs are beneficial for SEO).

4. Develop Email Campaigns

On average, email marketing returns 44 THB for every 1 THB spent – that’s a 4,400% return of investment (ROI).

So, you know you can bring more money and return customers to your business with the right emails – but what are the best emailing practices?

To encourage return visits to your website, you should set up automated response to thank customers after they subscribe or make a purchase. Consumers like to feel appreciated, with ‘welcome’ emails boasting an average open rate of 82%.

If you’re list building with your website (and you should be), this is one of the most important email marketing metrics you need to watch. Your Email Open Rate measures the number of people who open your email campaign in comparison to the overall number of those who received it. High open rates indicate:

– Properly segmented list

– Attractive subject line

– Appropriate send time

5. Emphasize and get personal

An empathic approach to design keeps the user’s needs in mind in order to maintain and evolve our product in ways that won’t negatively impact the user experience.

It is essential to review certain product offerings, pricing, or just the overall tone of your product so as not to be perceived as insensitive during these challenging times. It’s in these times of crisis that we must advocate empathy in our design thinking to better understand the user’s plight.

This goes hand in hand with getting personal with your customers, which is vital for success in most areas of digital marketing, especially in email marketing.

Personalized calls to action allow you to attract visitors landing on your webpage to descriptions, product options, and buttons that address their specific interests. They enhance your lead generation and best of all personalization is one of the cheapest digital marketing tips to implement, requiring little to no monetary investment if you’re already using email marketing tools like MailChimp.

6. Use Remarketing

If your conversion rates are falling, try creating a custom audience through Customer Match

(using data they’ve shared with you) through search, Gmail, YouTube or Display ads. You can remarket to your customer base and create a custom audience that looks like your customers or even potentially loyalty-centric audiences.

Ever browsed online, then saw that product advertised on Facebook? This is no spooky coincidence – it’s remarketing. Using tags known as ‘cookies’, this digital marketing tactic enables you to track your past website visitors wherever they go across the internet.

Retargeting works. In fact, website visitors who are retargeted are 43% more likely to make the purchase. It’s also really simple to get started, and you have two options.

You can also use Facebook’s ‘Custom Audience’ feature to have your products retargeted on your past website visitors’ Facebook. If you run a Facebook Business account, then this is one of the best ways to make money through social media.

7. Tailor Your Content to Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

The customer journey is unique to different stages, so you will require a unique set of content for each stage.

Prospective buyers experience three stages before making a purchase: awareness, consideration, and decision. Let’s say an internet user is searching for a webportal builder. These are the types of content you should send to, or direct your customers to, at each stage:

Awareness: Webportal store home page – to provide an overview of your business

Consideration: Product category page – to demonstrate your industry expertise

Decision: Product page – to help the user finalize their decision

It’s important that you guide users through your website. You need to direct them to the right content that will suit their needs, and match their stage of the buyer’s journey.

8. Leverage Facebook Ads

According to eMarketer, Facebook saw a 70% increase in usage of all of its apps in the

month of March. People are turning to these apps to keep them entertained, connected,

and informed while they’re spending more time at home.

Yet, only 24% of Facebook Business pages use paid ads, leaving little competition in Facebook’s paid advertising space. That’s why you can’t afford to skip Facebook when crafting your PPC (pay per click) campaign.

Most businesses rely on ‘organic’ (non-paid) advertising on Facebook, using video, imagery, and blog posts, but you can spend a modest amount to get brilliant results – the average cost per click on Facebook ads is 55,63 THB, while the average cost-per-thousand views is 460 THB.

This is one of the more price intense digital marketing tips on our list, and you can read more about Facebook Ads Manager if you’d like some more detailed information about what you’re spending your money on.

Most small businesses often give up on Facebook Ads too soon because they only put up quite a small amount of money, and don’t see any returns quickly enough. Fruitful Facebook campaigns take time to grow, but the juicy rewards are worth it.

9. Remain Flexible

Agility is an incredibly important challenge facing modern businesses today. As markets experience increasingly shorter cycles of change, what sounds innovative and promising today can quickly become outdated. In order to maintain a competitive edge, enterprises need to evaluate their business strategy periodically, making sure that it’s both up-to-date and ready to adapt to changing conditions.

For example, if your audience is aged 15-21 years old, you should prioritize advertising on platforms they use frequently, such as TikTok, Line, or Facebook. On the other hand, audiences aged 35 years + are more likely to respond to LinkedIn ads.

Market research pays dividends. You should always spend time researching your target audience, learning about the channels they use and the topics they enjoy. That way, your digital marketing efforts won’t be wasted.

10. Create creative visual content and video

Consumers love watching videos, and you want to grow your business. It should come as no surprise, then, that utilizing video marketing is one of our favourite digital marketing tips!

It doesn’t need to be (and in certain situations probably can’t be) professionally produced, but a video from an internal expert or influencer showing a hands-on demo of your product could go a long way.

While many companies are focusing on the power of digital as a substitute for face-to-face

events, there’s an unprecedented opportunity to turn to video as a general means of customer engagement, communication, and retention.

Bonus Tip: Partner With Micro-Influencers

Spend more time listening. Keep an eye on comments on your post, your competitors,

and influencers in your industry.

Find out what your customer is thinking and feeling now. Do some research, check

in with influencers that target your customers, and do what you need to do to put yourself

in your customers’ shoes. Are they now working from home? Are they trying to keep

kids busy now that schools are closed? Are they trying to stay fit and healthy while in


You don’t even need to spend big. ‘Micro-influencers’, social accounts with approximately 1,000 to 20,000 followers, are naturally less expensive than social influencers with followers in the millions. However, micro-influencers are particularly effective for advertising niche products to your relatively small, yet interested audience.



Branding can impact the UX and UX can guide Branding. When it comes to positively impacting the user experience for a festive momentum, for instance such as the Chinese New Year, brand exposure and user experience must go hand in hand. The harmonised interplay of the two prove a high engagement rate and delight users.

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